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Design Philosopy

Validators may choke on parts of my work, but I generally try to separate content and style to provide for graceful degradation, which would be an excellent name for a rock group.

Graphic design is not my forte. You're either born with artistic ability or you're not. So I do what I can, the latest re-design of this site being the product of one restless night of dissatisfaction with my previous plain vanilla design. I'm actually rather pleased with the outcome this time, except the awkward degradation alluded to above. Nevertheless, even when I'm trying my hardest I do not play in the same league as the graphic designers over at the CSS Zen Garden.


This site's code is written and maintained in TextWrangler running on Mac OS X and FTPed to my webhost's servers using FileZilla. I write my XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and the occasional bit of XML by hand. I used to dig vi for such purposes, and still think its use is an essential skill for any geek purist, but over time other editors have proved slightly more convenient.


The original butterfly photo from which I derived my site background may be found on my cousin Barry Farlow's photo page at

Credit is also due to the boys and girls making their website designs freely available at Open Source Web Design. I drew the basic concept of my layout from a Teun van Vegchel design called Vanero.


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